We are a CPA firm that specializes in helping businesses and individuals save tax and pay less tax legally.

Our focus is Tax.

For Business

We start with a discussion of your business entity type (i.e. C-Corp, S-Corp, LLC), tax treatments by the IRS, how it will affect your personal taxes if any, how to maximize the tax benefits of your entity type, and the pitfalls to avoid.

We will give you a comparison of C-Corp, S-Corp, LLC tax attributes, explain their pros and cons, and see which one is most “tax efficient” for you.  Are you in the right business entity type?

We are very familiar and up to date with business tax deductions.  We are able to give you advice on “how” to save on tax and how to reduce your chances of being audited.

We have developed a comprehensive list of business tax deductions over the years, will advise you of the ones that applied to your tax situation, and many do apply, and assist you to implement them.  We want to ensure that you make full use of all the tax deductions available to you to minimize your tax.

In addition, we will give you a run down of various tax deduction ideas to keep in mind as you operate your business.

For new businesses, we will bring you up to speed on filing requirements, due dates, deadlines, and compliance requirements.

For Individuals

We prepare complex individual tax returns with rental properties, K-1’s, business income, stock transactions, real estate transactions, 1031 exchange, stock options, AMT, tax credits, multistate tax returns, real estate professional tax status, active participation, and passive activity.

Our goal is to achieve lowest tax liability legally possible and maximum refund, to the fullest extent allowed by law.